Ben Goertzel

“The human animal evolved to survive and flourish in a world that didn’t change very much or very rapidly. But thanks to our own wonderful intellectual and cultural advancement, we find ourselves
instead in a world of accelerating change. To deal with this situation effectively, we need to re-focus our minds, individually and collectively, on the future rather than the past. We need to embrace the wild uncertainty and promise of the future with both rationality and imagination. And we need to do it now! Future Day is one step — maybe an important one — in the process of humanity reorienting itself toward accelerating change and future-awareness. After all, we already have a heck of a lot of holidays focusing on the past — it’s about time for one that focuses on the future!!” – Ben Goertzel, CEO Open Cog

Christine Peterson

“So few of us actively try to envision the future and change it for the better. Even small tweaks, such as coming up with a new way to explain a coming technology to the public, can have big positive consequences. Let’s use Future Day as an opportunity to promote the big goals, like extending the human healthspan, spreading freedom, and healing our environment.” – Christine Peterson, Chairman, Personalized Life Extension 2012, Co-founder, Foresight Institute

David Orban

“We are all time-travelers, and the future is our destination. Let’s celebrate it with anticipation, and delight!”

Howard Bloom

“In the past, our public perceptions have been reshaped by Labor Day, Memorial Day and Martin Luther King’s birthday. Now America is suffering for lack of another special day — Future Day.”

“America has lost its sense of a future. It has lost its vision of frontiers just around the corner, frontiers available to those who discipline themselves, persist, and dream. The future determines the present. Our aspirations are the foundation for our achievements, achievements that sometimes defy belief.”

“Future Day is designed to center the impossible in the public mind once a year as a temptation too delicious to resist.”

“Future Day is a tool with which to give America a vision transplant.”

“Future Day is a tool with which to give America a sense of where it must go next. a tool with which to give America a sense of its ability to turn fantasy into reality.”

“Future Day is a tool with which to give America a sense of an ability that we, more than any other people, have demonstrated over and over again.”

“Future Day is a tool with which to return America to its most important heritage, to its greatest gift to humanity: a destiny of perpetual upgrade. a destiny of nonstop reinvention and radical new empowerment, a destiny of whole new powers for the human race.”

John Smart

“Humanity is on the edge of understanding that our future will be astoundingly different from the world we’ve lived in these last several generations. Accelerating technological change is all around us, and transformative solutions are near at hand for all our problems, if only we have the courage to see them. Future Day helps us to foresee our personal potentials, and acknowledge that we have the power to pull together and push our global system to a whole new level of collective intelligence, resiliency, diversity, creativity, and adventure. Want to help build a more foresighted culture? Don’t wait for permission, start celebrating it now!” – John Smart founder of Acceleration Watch

Martine Rothblatt

“There are never too many reasons, or days, to celebrate, nor too few to regret.”

Natasha Vita-More

“A Day for Imagination”

“Imagination is the dramatic script of vibrant dreams, and the logical contemplation of what is yet to come. Integrating imagination with accomplishment is a tough challenge, but one which often results in unfathomable reward. Future Day is a day for imagination and a day to remember the triumphs of the past, the works in progress, and the potential for the future. It is also a day to challenge ourselves, our communities, our governmental structures, our international organizations, and our global sensibility. It is a day for each person to reflect upon his or her own micro condition and the macro condition of the world. Let us grow neuromolecular wings for deeper perceptions in our flight in conquering disease and fosting a world of diversity and compassion.”

Ray Kurzweil

“The past is over; the present is fleeting; we live in the future.”

Robert Tercek

“Humanity bounds along like an overgrown adolescent: awkward, immature and prone to passionate outbursts and careless destruction. But there’s no doubt that this adolescent is growing up fast. Gradually we’re learning new habits, more rigorous reasoning, better manners and now we find ourselves on the very brink of mastering more complex knowledge. As much as we’d like to leave behind our childish tribal beliefs and superstitions, they remain a part of us, just as youthful fantasy and fairy tales still burn bright in the imagination of every individual adult. The promise and peril of humanity’s teenage years lies ahead of us. There’s no doubt that we are in for a fascinating spectacle as humanity passes from one awkward stage of development to the next. Together let’s take one day to celebrate our collective future. Let’s take this moment to laugh and enjoy the coming chaos, confusion, breakthroughs, brilliance, and breathtaking transformations that lie ahead of us.”

Ramez Naam

“Future day reminds us that the future keeps on coming, whether we’re ready for it or not. Those who fail to consider the future are doomed to be surprised by it.”

Sonia Arrison

Author of 100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith

“Future Day is important since it reminds us that a great future does not create itself. In order to realize our hopes and dreams, we have to actively work to make them happen. One of my dreams is to see a day when disease, and the suffering associated with it, is obliterated.”

Rod Furlan

“On Future Day we celebrate all the great things to come. It is a day to rejoice over all the thrilling discoveries yet to be made, all the beauty yet to be found and to reflect on the full extent of Humanity’s unlimited potential.” — Rod Furlan, Singularity University

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