Why America Needs Future Day — Howard Bloom

In the past, our public perceptions have been reshaped by Labor Day, Memorial Day and Martin Luther King’s birthday. Now America is suffering for lack of another special day — Future Day.

America has lost its sense of a future. It has lost its vision of frontiers just around the corner, frontiers available to those who discipline themselves, persist, and dream. The future determines the present. Our aspirations are the foundation for our achievements, achievements that sometimes defy belief.

Future Day is designed to center the impossible in the public mind once a year as a temptation too delicious to resist.

Future Day is a tool with which to give America a vision transplant.

Future Day is a tool with which to give America a sense of where it must go next. a tool with which to give America a sense of its ability to turn fantasy into reality.

Future Day is a tool with which to give America a sense of an ability that we, more than any other people, have demonstrated over and over again.

Future Day is a tool with which to return America to its most important heritage, to its greatest gift to humanity: a destiny of perpetual upgrade. a destiny of nonstop reinvention and radical new empowerment, a destiny of whole new powers for the human race.

– Howard Bloom is author of: The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History (“mesmerizing”—The WashingtonPost), Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the21st Century (“reassuring and sobering”—The NewYorker), and The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism ( (“impressive, stimulating, and tremendously enjoyable.” James Fallows, National Correspondent, Atlantic Monthly).

A Day for Imagination – Natasha Vita-More

There shall be wings! If the accomplishment be not for me, ’tis for some other.’
— Leonardo da Vinci

Imagination is the dramatic script of vibrant dreams, and the logical contemplation of what is yet to come. Integrating imagination with accomplishment is a tough challenge, but one which often results in unfathomable reward. Future Day is a day for imagination and a day to remember the triumphs of the past, the works in progress, and the potential for the future. It is also a day to challenge ourselves, our communities, our governmental structures, our international organizations, and our global sensibility. It is a day for each person to reflect upon his or her own micro condition and the macro condition of the world. Let us grow neuromolecular wings for deeper perceptions in our flight in conquering disease and fosting a world of diversity and compassion.

– Natasha Vita-More is Chair of Humanity+, a PhD Researcher at Univ. of Plymouth, UK and Co-Editor, of The Transhumanist Reader