Date –  Future Day is March 1st every year

Who can participate?  Anyone can participate by organizing a Future Day event.

Costs?  No. We don’t charge people to organize Future Day events.
We encourage donations though.

How to join?  What is required to “join the club” is simply a commitment to promote Future Day to those in your social circle (customers, employees, friends) and organize or participate in Future Day events as appropriate.

Who are the organisers?  We all have a stake in the future.
While Future Day is intended as a general holiday not tied to any specific organization, the initial effort to get the holiday off the ground is being coordinated by Adam Ford and Ben Goerzel with help from many others around the world.
There are several institutions that endorse Future Day like FERN (Foresight Education and Research Network), Second Tree, Kororoit Institute, Open Cog, Amplify, Humanity+, Science, Technology & the Future etc.

How to provide feedback?  We want your feedback on Future Day!  How can we improve outreach?  Foresight in education?  Events?  etc
Please contact us with your feedback!

What should I think about on Future Day?  Well, it’s really up to you!  Though here are some ides:  What do you think will be different in 2050? What will stay the same? What would you like to be different? What would you like to stay the same? What would you like to see Future Day become? Any brainstorms about how best to celebrate such a holiday?

Why Future Day?  Future Day represents a opportunity to leverage the present to make a better tomorrow. Some projects likely to improve the future may be long term projects. We want to inspire talented people with their aim in the right problem spaces.
How can one optimize the amount of leverage you efforts have? Where can a small amount make a big difference?
Part of the answer is clearly to act earlier rather than later.

What are some examples of Future Day activities?


  • Strategic Forecasting meeting in business hours at your workplace
  • Casual meeting with friends at the pub to discuss what the future means for them
  • A future themed dress-up party
  • A day of lobbying for clear thinking about the future in politics
  • A Future Day event with speakers, lightning talks and panels – even a conference
  • A themed session on the future during an existing event
  • A networking event where people share their ideas on how to design the future
  • A gathering where people test each others rationality skills in thinking long term
  • Games night playing future themed games.  Board games, network games etc etc
  • A combination of any of the above!

What are some like-minded organisations?

Previous Future Day events have been held in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Asia (Hong Kong), USA (Edmonton, Berkele, Hawaii & Houston, Utah, LA, Palo Alto, Washington), Brazil, Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), Poland (Wroclaw), Virtual Reality (Second Life), and many more places all over the globe!

Let us know where you are holding your Future Day event!